The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

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I feel that this place, the space of the blank page, is mine, independently of what the results might be. The idea of a whole life unrollling on a painted canvas is fascinating… even without the missing year. She thought it had died with her, but reckoned without the coming internet.

Salvatierra reckoned without the determined resourcefulness of his sons. Your review of this book has convinced me to buy it, thank you. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for: Search. News of a new publisher of translations is very exciting!

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous Next. Review copy courtesy of New Vessel Press. Liked it? Take a second to support The Mookse and the Gripes on Patreon! Share this: Share Email Print. Isabel September 1, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. A story about a search on multiple levels, on remembrance and about what we choose to omit and try to forget in our stories. Liked that a lot. May 10, Bob Lopez rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Wonderful novel about an artist--really about the artist's son Has all the tropes you'd expect from this type of novel estrangement, obsessed artist who neglected his family, secret lover, secret child, surprise as it turns out "dad really did pay attention to me!

Should've realized when they started using scanners to copy the actual artwork that the plot would necessitate the art's destruction--but that's neither here nor there. I enjoyed this book immensely and would love to see more books from this author. Nov 07, Mariana Gutierrez L.

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Short and sweet. I am glad I broke my own rule of not reading in English anything I can read in Spanish. Decided to add it as one of my picks for Argentina in my quest to read my way around the world because Hoopla has the Audio and eBook version but would still love to get my hands on the Spanish version. Nov 23, Yuri Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction.

This is a punchy little book most readers could deal with in one or two sittings. It seems to be plodding for a while, but the action escalates and the pace quickens as matters become more complicated. The message is that if you open certain boxes you can expect to discover things you may not want to know, and which you may not be able to assimilate.

Apr 06, Jean Matthews rated it liked it. Enjoyable, unexpected ending. Jan 26, Pieta Hyland rated it really liked it.

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

Enjoyed this quick light read. Nov 02, Agustin Whittaker rated it it was amazing. I believe books hit you right depending on the time, like sometimes you are just waiting for that book. I loved Salvatierra, it just flowed for me with such grace.

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

Mar 19, Aya Alnamly rated it liked it. Such a lovely work of art.

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  • Jul 09, Jeff Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , short-books , fiction , latin-america-fiction. Mute from the age of nine, Juan Salvatierra was unsuitable for ranchero work. Left to his own devices, he painted.

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    He painted everything that happened in his day as if he was printing his memory for all to see. He fills huge canvass rolls each one encompassing an entire year. How much can we know about our parents, even with a map of their memory? When Juan Salvateierra passes away, his sons are left with his legacy. Going over these scrolls, they see the history of the area and their own lives. A son shows his father his own drawing, in the next scene the drawing is recreated writ large on the canvas by the father, punctuated its importance to him. Everything that was every important and everything he saw goes on the canvas.

    This exploration is fascinating and engaging. Silence is punctuated by the length of the book. Its brief length is further emphasized with short chapters.

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    There are large blank pages sometimes taking up more of the chapter than the text. The missing year reveals a dark secret and finally reveals everything to the son. Favorite Parts: I can also understand that the absence of the artists improves the work. Not only because he is dead, but because of the silence Possible because he was mute, he needed to tell himself his own story.

    To recount his own experience in one never-ending mural. He was content with painting his life; he has not need to show it.

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    For him, living his life was to paint it. Sep 10, Tonymess rated it really liked it. His father, Salvatierra had a horse riding accident when young and as a result was mute, he painted every single day for his whole existence and each year a massive canvas was finished and stored in his workshop, a shed in provincial Argentina, on the riverbanks separating his homeland from Uruguay. From the Museum we flash back to the beginnings of the painting and follow the story of two brothers struggling with what to do with the massive artwork after their father had died.

    Mar 05, Libby rated it really liked it. Wonderful book about a man who becomes mute at nine years of age from a horseback riding accident. At age 20, Juan SaIvatierra begins painting. He paints everyday for the remainder of his life, thus creating a pictorial autobiography.

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    When he dies, his two sons, Aldo and Luis are left to decide what to do with the massive work. A museum from Holland expresses interest and sends people to document the work. The sons agree that their father's work can be placed on display in the museum in Amsterda Wonderful book about a man who becomes mute at nine years of age from a horseback riding accident. The sons agree that their father's work can be placed on display in the museum in Amsterdam.