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Now you have two separate lists, specifiers and entity kinds organized in a tree , and you can combine them and add rules specific to one or several kinds of entities. Test, and Catch and added support for doctest. This is a relatively new framework which is lightweight and very flexible. It allows tests to be written directly in the production code and at the same time offers a way to remove everything test-related from the binary. First, Find code issues and InspectCode command line tool are now parallelized, which makes them significantly faster.

Second, Cache loading on project reopening is now parallel as well, which makes it twice as fast on average. Finally, there are general performance improvements in code completion, initial project indexing, and file analysis. Start working with your Unreal Engine 4 projects in mere seconds! This means you can start typing or navigating through your project seconds after you open it!

If that wasn't enough, completion now uses default template arguments to provide suggestions in dependent code. The Parameter Info popup shows even more information such as deleted functions, implicitly generated functions, and template parameter descriptions taken from documentation comments for template arguments. Parameter Info also works for dependent code and for user-defined binary operators. You may also find useful the new name hints at the end of namespace definitions, right after the closing brace.

More than 10 new inspections were added, many of them with matching quick-fixes to resolve the detected problems. When you use the Change Signature refactoring, you can now choose to make a function constexpr, const, or noexcept, as well as change the ref-qualifiers. Go to declaration now works on non-dependent decltype specifiers and lambdas going to the lambda body.

How to Sink Windows Forms Events from MFC C++ classes - C++/CLI version

It even works during the initial project indexing, saving you even more time! Search Everywhere , a universal search action, has added some additional filters. The handiest feature, however, has to be navigating to unmatched signatures.

by Matthew Wilson

For example, when Go to declaration is called on a changed declaration of a member function, it goes to its definition with an old signature. Often it's much easier to customize formatting settings by simply detecting them from the existing code. This is now possible! You'll get the tool window with the detected values, which can be reviewed and applied to the ReSharper settings on your machine. Or, you can save them to a team-shared settings layer so that other developers on your team will have the same code formatting configuration when opening the current solution.

As we move to expand our coverage we would love to hear your feedback on what is missing and what you feel we should concentrate on.

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Just like with code analysis, ReSpeller scans for spelling mistakes and typos in identifiers, comments, and string literals, and provides quick-fixes to resolve these problems. By default, the spell checker comes with a built-in dictionary for English United States , but dictionaries for other languages can be easily added too. Every now and then, you want to be notified directly in the code when you are not following formatting rules. With this in mind, ReSharper's code formatting engine introduces inspections and quick-fixes for formatter-related problems: inconsistent indenting, line breaks, spaces, and blank lines can now be observed and fixed directly in the code editor.

By default, formatting inspections are disabled so as not to bother anyone who doesn't care about formatting during typing. To learn more, see Maintaining consistent code style with formatting inspections. When you invoke Step Into , the Visual Studio debugger will normally step into all the functions that are called from the current statement.

This is where Step Filters comes in: with this feature you can specify functions that should always be stepped over by the debugger. The report lists files sorted by the number of lines of code they contribute together with their transitively included files.

C++ CLI In Action

You can then dig into dependencies between the files either with the Includees tree view where child nodes correspond to the files that include the file in the parent node, or the Includers tree view where child nodes are the included files. Using these two views, you should be able to pinpoint the header files that contribute the most and then try to get rid of any unnecessary include directives.

The Go to File Member dialog has been redesigned. Class members are now grouped by their containing class in the results list. Moreover, with no search, active file members are sorted in the order of their declarations, and the scrolling list with the results accommodates more items. Together these changes improve the usability of the dialog by providing clearer insight into the structure of the current file.

When you perform a search using the Recent Files dialog, Go to File search results are also appended to the results list after the Recent File items. Finally, the option to remember the last search in the Search Everywhere dialog is now on by default. Run cleanupcode. This instantly eliminates code style violations in a project or a solution, and ensures a uniform code base. In related news, bogus errors which were output by the InspectCode tool on x64 projects were fixed in this release. In addition, TeamCity Check the Read settings from EditorConfig and project settings option on the Code Inspection Settings General options page to enable this feature.

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  5. To learn more, see Configuring inspection severities with EditorConfig. Clang-Tidy is a powerful open-source code analysis tool, based on the popular clang compiler. It comes with the extensive set of code checks and accompanying fixes. In addition to the diagnostics from Clang-Tidy checks, Clang-Tidy also issues diagnostics from the Clang Static Analyzer and warnings provided by the clang compiler itself.

    All of them have corresponding ReSharper inspections with configurable severity levels, which can be tuned according to your needs. It also adds a number of new options for more flexible formatting, including options that control:. The Go to Declaration command is now available on dependent names inside definitions of templates.

    java - @ManagedProperty(value =

    Furthermore, Go to Declaration now lets you navigate from a function definition to a declaration with a non-matching signature, if no matching declarations are found. ReSharper Performance Guide collects a set of Visual Studio and ReSharper settings that might affect overall performance in one place and provides a way to quickly change them. Whichever technologies you use there's a JetBrains tool to match. Team Tools. Toolbox App A control panel for your tools and projects. The worldwide event series, to learn the best Kotlin practices on all platforms.

    All major technologies covered. The only reason to use the oldSyntax flag is if you're maintaining legacy code. Other than that one reason, avoid the old syntax, it was yucky. In JSF 2.


    I wan't to decide whether to use SharpGen or Sw Accessing IIS site folder from Managed windows service I have a managed service that receives files from users and I process the files and create audio files and xml files. I want to put the generated file I intend to create a Filter which would check with the server the sessionId which is passed in Wrapper has one unmanaged class and one managed class.

    Managed class has Here's the code that I Net 4. I have two assemblies that I'm trying to link together.

    C++/CLI in Action - Instantiating CLI classes

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    Recognizing the importance of preserving what has been written, it is Mannings policy to have the books they publish printed on acid-free paper, and we exert our best efforts to that end. Manning Publications Co. The new destructor and finalizer syntaxes 88Stack semantics 96 Guidelines for using destructors and stack semantics Marshalling native strings Marshalling arrays Simulating a native static array with managed code Because my life and my career managed to keep me busy, I kept postponing the book idea until Mike Stephens from Manning Publications asked if I would be inter-ested in writing for Manning.

    The next half year saw me working on the book, and the result is what youre holding in your hands unless youre reading the e-book, in which case the previous sentence would definitely sound a tad silly. As most authors of technical books would concur, writing each chapternay, each sectionwas an intensely stimulating process.

    I discovered at least one exciting new feature, technique, or idea every few days, and I would then put it into writing. Any time I stumbled on a technical block or wanted a suggestion for resolving a specific issue, Rama had an idea or two about how to go about fixing it. Howard JonesGetting Howard as my development editor was one of the best things that happened to me while working on the book.