Biosecurity: Origins, Transformations and Practices

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With contributions from experts in all facets of biosecurity, this book explains the fundamental elements of biosecurity as well as the related concepts of biosafety and biosurety, detailing how all three concepts fit within the framework of biodefense.

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Biosecurity in the Global Age by David P. Fidler; Lawrence O. Gostin ISBN: Biosecurity in the Global Age comprehensively analyzes the security threats that biological weapons and naturally occurring infectious diseases pose to societies in the early 21st century. Biosecurity dilemmas : dreaded diseases, ethical responses, and the health of nations by Christian Enemark ISBN: Intelligence, biosecurity and bioterrorism by Patrick F.

Walsh ISBN: It also explores what role intelligence communities can play in understanding threats and risks. This book's research contributes to a strategy for managing plant biosecurity in complex contexts. Soil Interpreting soil test results : what do all the numbers mean? A practical reference enabling readers to better understand and interpret a range of soil test methods.

The Australian Soil Classification by R. The Australian Soil Classification provides both a framework for organizing knowledge about Australian soils and a means of communication among scientists and land managers. Animal Nutrition, Health, and Productivity The living gut - 2nd ed. Prometheus 18 4 : — Brown New Genetics and Society 19 1 : 49— Sociology 33 4 : — Rationalising the Future?

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  • Responsible Life Sciences Research for Global Health Security: A Guidance Document..
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London: Springer. Introduction: Education as….

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Amsterdamska, M. Lynch, and J. London: MIT Press. Sometimes the original function even is displaced by the unintended one. A well-known example is the Viagra pill. Although serendipity surely is an interesting phenomenon in life sciences most scientists and engineers do not spend a lot of time on thinking about the unintended or unexpected side-effects that can occur when their products are used van Andel Based on the intention of the engineers and designers some distinctions can be made when declaring an artefact, an activity or a natural product as dual use.

If the starting point is the military field, dual use is a concept indicating that new technological developments in the military field are also useful for non-military purposes.